Are you frustrated by the number of patients who are ravaged by their disease or sometimes even by its treatment? YOU CAN HELP!

CancX ®

The all natural answer to Cancer Nutritional Support

Read further to learn how CancX ® can help many patients with or recovering from Cancer or other debilitating conditions have a better Quality of Life.

People taking CancX ® report a favorable impact in several Quality of Life parameters. While we do not make any claims related to impacting the cancer itself, we are emboldened and encouraged by the number of people who tell us they now have a better Quality of Life

This nutritional supplement acts in a way that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. How can that be?

  • Preliminary field testing confirms Cancer patients and others with debilitating oxidative stress diseases simply "feel better" using CancX® Nutritional Support. Feeling better is what it is all about for Cancer patients. While there is evidence in the literature that ellagic acid derived from ellagitannins can kill Cancer cells, we make no claims about that. We simply say it has been documented in biopsies of treated Cancer cells at the Medical University of South Carolina. We are not saying this is a cure. At the same time, this “feeling better” phenomenon in many respects is the result of a synergistic patented product, can do no harm and can only help Cancer patients have hope.

  • It includes key vitamins and minerals usually deficient in Cancer patients. These vitamins and minerals enhance healing as well as help promote immune system support.

  • It includes an adult stem cell stimulating component which is the natural renewal system of the body. This further helps to heal damaged cells. This same component also adds to the immune system support.




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Since she has started the product, the soreness in her throat has almost gone. The lymph nodes in her neck are shrinking. She sleeps better now than she has in twenty years. She has a lot more energy and is now optimistic that her cancer will totally disappear. She is reporting being more alert having more stamina, having less pain, improved appetite, feeling stronger, walking better, and feeling better in general. On a scale of one to ten indicating improvement, she rates her progress as a ten.


Helen McFarlane